Impact of Climate Change in the Himalayan Glaciers

This publication focuses on the effects of climate change on glaciers and glacial lakes in two hotspots of glacial activity in the Himalaya: the Dudh Koshi sub-basin of Nepal and the Pho Chu sub-basin of Bhutan. Both these basins have witnessed devastating GLOF events in the recent past. The GLOFs at Dig Tsho in 1985 (Nepal) and Luggye Tso in 1994 (Bhutan) are considered ‘textbook’ case studies of GLOF events and have drawn the attention of researchers world-wide. A multi-media CD-ROM is being prepared as a companion to this book and will be helpful in raising awareness about the sensitivity of climate change to policyand decision-makers, the concerned scientific community, and the general public. These materials will be helpful in designing mitigation measures to help safeguard human lives and valuable infrastructure in hazardous river valleys.