Purpose of this training manual is to promote good governance to further improve the co-management / collaborative governance system of Hin Nam No National Protected Area (HNN NPA) based on the results of the governance assessment conducted in February 2014 in collaboration with PoNRE, GIZ, IPConsult and AFC. As part of the overall objective to engage local communities in the co-management / collaborative governance of the HNN NPA, the GIZ project is supporting good governance principles in terms of natural resource management as well as the promotion of eco-tourism and a sustainable use and marketing of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) in and around the HNN NPA. The engagement of local communities in the management of natural resources in the HNN NPA provides incentives such as increased income generation through sustainable management and enhanced marketing of selected natural resources and eco-tourism products. The increased participation and influence in planning, reporting and decision making enhances the capacity of community representatives and make them feel heard and proud. The related development further improves the livelihoods of the villagers and alleviates poverty.