GIZ-SNRD attends ADB-led – high-level forum on food security

22 August 2016

DSC_0351The Asian Development Bank (ADB) hosted a Food Security Forum at its general headquarters in Manila, Philippines on 22-24 June 2016. With the theme ‘ADB Food Security Forum: Safe, Nutritious, and Affordable Food for All’, the forum was participated by different governments from around the world; industry leaders, development partners, local and international organisations; non-government organisations, practitioners, academics, farmers, and other experts.

The forum was divided into different themes namely, the use of high-level technology for enhanced agricultural production; the complementary role of policy for sustainable growth and the social support mechanism such as market enhancement and quality assurance mechanisms.

GIZ was present through its head office, representation by Dr. Gerd Fleischer as Head of Section for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability Standards as well through its Sector Network Natural Resources and Rural Development (SNRD) Working Group Agriculture represented by Mr. Matthias Radek, Chief Advisor for Partnership Projects in Agriculture GIZ Philippines.

DSC_0382Dr. Gerd Fleischer was one of the resource persons on the panel “Sustainable Food  Entitlement”. He presented Germany’s initiatives to achieve food security and proper nutrition in the ASEAN region and worldwide by showcasing GIZ’s programs in agriculture and food security one of which is Germany’s actions to build the capacity of governments, local farmers and value chain stakeholders to support food security. He also highlighted BMZ’s “One World – No Hunger” initiative, launched in 2014 and now being scaled up in partner countries ‘to give the most vulnerable groups access to adequate, affordable, and healthy food as soon as possible, and to enable sustainable agricultural production based on ecologically sound and socially equitable investments’. He underscored the importance of sustainable agri-food systems and public-private partnership approaches in ensuring food security.

DSC_0370    DSC_0358

The SNRD was involved in the preparation for the forum through its contribution in preparing inputs for GIZ’s presentation at the forum. Moreover, the SNRD’s Working Group Agriculture contributed to enhancing our visibility and its work though exhibited a booth during the forum wherein it informed about GIZ’s partner network, approaches to enhance food security, shared best practice examples from its projects in the region and their relevance and contribution to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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