26 July 2017

By Evelyn Añago

Climate change poses the most pressing threat to the world today, according to the 2017 Global Risks Report of the World Economic Forum. GIZ is positioning itself strategically to be at the forefront of global action against climate change, especially because the German government and other commissioning parties expect it and other implementing organizations to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement with the most effective and efficient project approaches.

GIZ’s Climate Roadmap 2017-2021 was designed to guide the work of GIZ staff worldwide in the field of climate change to effectively meet and even exceed the expectations of our commissioning parties and clients.

How? The Roadmap states that we should play closer attention to developments in the sector; be more responsive to the specific needs of our commissioning parties and clients, such as through closer and more regular dialogues and learning exchanges, and align our work consistently with their policies, directions, and standards; enhance our ability to deliver through highly capable human resources; communicate our learnings and success stories more effectively with tangible and measurable data; and use digital technology to reach more people more effectively and efficiently.

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