GIZ Publication Recommended “Germany in the Eyes of the World”

13 June 2016

Title: Germany in the Eyes of the World

Project Team: Alexandra Behns, Dr Mike Enskat, Thorsten Giehler, Dr Oliver Gnad, Regina Kallmayer, Stefan Opitz, Anne-Valerie Peters, Nina Sarrazin, Jörg Schindler, Andreas von Schumann, Philipp Schwörer, Nikola Seiler, Dr Mischa Skribot, Katja Suhr, Dr Sabine Tonscheidt

Language: Available in English and German

Feature ImageThis qualitative study explains how people around the world view Germany, where it stands and how it is perceived. The insightful data came as a result of interviews conducted in 26 countries with 179 individuals involved. Not only do the findings answer some important questions, they offer insights that hopefully will lead to worthwhile debate and re-examination of one’s place in the world.

Dr. Christoph Beier, Vice-Chair of the Management Board, has aptly noted:

“Our work in implementing international cooperation programmes around the globe has taught us that countries must work together to devise effective solutions to global challenges. Increasingly, we must re-examine our own standpoints in interaction with others, hone these where necessary, modify them or indeed reject them completely. By comparing the way we see ourselves with the way others see us, we can begin to identify our own blind spots. This helps us gain a better understanding of the leeway for action that others may be prepared to give us, and enables us to turn our attention to areas where reform may be needed.”

He continues to assert further:

“We want to know what the world thinks when it thinks of Germany, what it views as an irritation, and what stands out – both positive and negative features. We want to know how we Germans are seen to interact at inter-governmental level but also at interpersonal level, what habits and stereotypes are dominant, and how we can gradually move away from long outdated images.”

For more details, the book can be downloaded here.

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By Anusara Tanpitak, SNRD Asia