From MDGs to SDGs: Getting started

21 April 2016

September 2015 marked another historic milestone as heads of state and government around the world adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs), en route for shared action “for people, planet and prosperity”. As articulated, these goals, cross-cutting social, economic, and environmental dimensions, are to be achieved by 2030 and will involve a broad spectrum of actors, namely multinational business, local governments and civil society organizations.

But how do the SDGs differ from its predecessor— the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)? What is it that the SDGs are trying to achieve? And what does the 2030 Agenda mean for us as development workers? Take a look at how the MDGs have transformed into the new global development roadmap and learn more about each SDG.



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By Anusara Tanpitak, Sector Network Natural Resources and Rural Development Asia (SNRD Asia)