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13 June 2021

INA is a quite young initiative and is looking for new partners. Founded in November 2018 on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, INA (german acronym for Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains) is an open platform of players from the private sector, civil society, and politics. Together we want to achieve greater sustainability across global agricultural supply chains and improve the living conditions of smallholders. To this end, we cooperate with top German brands and lead firms in their respective supply chains.

INA’s expertise

With a wide expertise in her team INA is interested in a wide range of agricultural commodities and prefers to work with a cross-commodity approach so as to strengthen resilience and commercia opportunities for smallholders. She also brings expertise in the fields of Living Income & Wages, deforestation free supply chains and sustainable cultivation regions, consumer communication as well as in digitalization and traceability with her latest tool INATrace. Also, INA works with standard setting and certification bodies on improving sustainability in agricultural supply chains, has access to relevant political actors and dialogues continuously with key players that are shaping the legal framework regarding compliance and sustainability issues at federal and EU level.

An open platform

INA and her friends meet in an open platform of around 90 stakeholders. They interact and learn from each other through workshops on topics such as long-term producer relations or Living Income – from first steps for building sustainable supply chains to long-standing examples of sustainability. Some of them have started projects in partner countries together such as ‘Living Income in Tree Crops’ in Ghana with REWE Group and Fair Trade, on Coffee and sustainable landscapes in Colombia or on sustainable practices in the Banana industry in Ecuador.

Projects in Asia

Two of INA’s interests are palm oil and natural rubber. Thus she works closely with German tire producer Continental in Indonesia on a fair and sustainable supply chain. Moreover: Induced by growing awareness of German tea and spices firms, INA has fostered projects on organic spice cultivation in the Western Ghats as well as sustainable tea production in Assam in India with leading firms like AVT-McCormick and Yogi Tea.

First impressions and contact

If you like to get a first impression of INA and her work, why not subscribe for the monthly newsletter? Or get in contact for a call with the INA-team, located in Bonn. INA works without formal membership and is always open to interested stakeholders who wish to engage in joint activities across commodities. If you know companies, that are interested in cross-commodity projects, feel free to spread the word about INA. Please do not hesitate to contact: ina@giz.de

Website: https://www.nachhaltige-agrarlieferketten.org/en/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/initiative-f%C3%BCr-nachhaltige-agrarlieferketten/?viewAsMember=true

Twitter: https://twitter.com/INAsustainable

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ichwillfair/?hl=de

Link to Living Income & Wages: https://www.nachhaltige-agrarlieferketten.org/en/news-events/toolkit-how-companies-can-work-on-living-wages/

Link to INATrace: https://www.nachhaltige-agrarlieferketten.org/en/success-stories/the-traceability-tool-for-sustainable-supply-chains/