“Ecosystem and Community-based Adaptation and the Landscape Approach” Webinar and Discussion

23 December 2016

The Climate Change Adaptation Working Group of SNRD-Asia organised a webinar and discussion meeting on “Ecosystem and Community-based Adaptation and the Landscape Approach”.

Dieter Nill from the GIZ headquarter introduced the topic: Do we really have different approaches or are we looking on the same reality but with different glasses?

The article comparing the three concepts includes the results of the discussion round and is available at >>here<<

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The term Community-based Adaptation (CbA) refers to an approach focused on the inclusion and involvement of local communities in planning and implementation of adaptation interventions. Such local communities generally consist of different groups – i.e. men, women, youth, elders or multiple ethnic groupings – that have different capabilities and needs. In CbA, professionals and local populations assess in a shared process how climate change affects the resources and capacities of the local groupings, and which abilities, knowledge, experience and networks these communities have to increase their resilience and to reduce their vulnerability towards climate-related risks.