District Model Land Use Plan District – Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh

The revenue department classifies land uses in following categories: (i) Land put to nonagricultural uses, (ii) Barren and uncultivable land, (iii) Pastures and grazing land, (iv) Land under trees and groves, (v) culturable waste land, (vi) current fallow, (vii) Fallow other than current fallow, (viii) Net Sown area, (ix) Forest.

The study also focusses on waste lands. Wastelands are such degraded lands which can be brought under vegetative cover, with reasonable effort, and which are currently under-utilized, and lands which are deteriorating due to lack of appropriate water and soil management or on
account of natural causes.

A model land use plan for a district has been sought to be prepared on the basis of its land capability and feasibility to change present land use pattern, development and urbanisation have their own pressure on land use pattern. There are some major areas of concern as well. Forest area is being reduced by pushing the frontier of agriculture. On the other side good agricultural land is being usurped by urban sprawls, industrial establishments and expansion of human settlements and infra-structural facilities.