Coffee Smallholders Must Know!

10 March 2021

The Small Entrepreneurs Coffee Production System Development Project in Southeast Asia (Coffee+) recently launched a free online learning course learning course for public access.

The Farmer Business School (FBS) is regarded as the project’s key components aimed at improving the business and management skills of smallholder coffee growers

Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) through the Improving Smallholder Coffee Farming Systems in Southeast Asia ( Coffee+) project, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives’ Department of Agricultural Extension and the Department of Agriculture has worked together to design the curriculum and knowledge toolkit with an aim to increase entrepreneurship and farmers’ abilities to manage their farms as a small business, but also help agricultural officials to include the curriculum in the system and continue enhancing farmers’ business capacities. This allows both technical officials and the farmers to learn how to optimise production costs and improve their incomes.

“The COVID-19 crisis has given a room of opportunities for everyone including coffee smallholders to adapt. Digital technology and social media has become a key to new knowledge management and learning tools,” said Pouchamarn Wongsanga, Director of the Coffee+ project in Thailand said

Produced in the audience-friendly animation formats, the FBS online course is divided into 12 chapters as follow:

Chapter 1 “Have you ever wondered what is business?”

Chapter 2 “Counting units to know the quantity of agricultural assets”

Chapter 3 “Efficient farm management”

Chapter 4 “Expenditure-Revenue”

Chapter 5 “Decisions to help increase income”

Chapter 6 “Seizing the opportunity to diversify the business”

Chapter 7 “Full-year financial management”

Chapter 8 “Access to financial services”

Chapter 9 “Improving the product quality to increase revenue”

Chapter 10 “Benefits from membership of farmer group”

Chapter 11 “Increasing profits by increasing productivity and reducing production costs “

Chapter 12 “Becoming an agribusinessman”

The electronic handbook is also available on the website here

Contact Person
Apiradee Treerutkuarkul, Senior Communication Officer
Agriculture and Food Cluster