CMPA Technical Report Series No. 07. Long-term Monitoring and Community-based Conservation of Olive Ridley Turtles in Odisha

The study investigates the reasons for the failure of past efforts of involving the community in conservation, the rationale behind the need for alternative livelihoods and in particular, the potential of tourism focused on turtles as an alternative livelihood. It highlights the crucial role of Government support for research organisations and conservation groups so that they can monitor population health of turtles and can overcome severe lacunae and gaps in the knowledge of sea turtles from India. The study of tourism at Rushikulya suggested that communities are ambivalent about its potential as an alternate livelihood, and that conservation itself may be able to provide a source of income. The study recommends that efforts should focus on developing an effective tourism programme that benefits both turtle conservation and communities through elaborate dialogue and discussion between stakeholders, while simultaneously addressing other developmental needs.