Building sector NAMA in the Philippines

10 October 2017

Photo Courtesy of CCC

On August 4, 2017, the Climate Change Commission, National Housing Authority, and the Philippine Green Building Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will facilitate the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) for the building sector and promotion of green buildings in the country. The MOU primarily seeks to integrate sectoral mitigation actions into our country’s development plans; foster exchange of knowledge and best practices on sustainable building design and renewable energy; and build a sustainable technical support network for government agencies and relevant stakeholders on NAMAs for the building sector.

CCC Secretary Emmanuel M. De Guzman said that the MOU signifies the collective resolve of both the public and private sector to provide sustainable and climate-resilient living conditions for the Filipino people.

“This is one convergence that is worth undertaking for our building sector, which has an oversized environmental footprint. More than 30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to buildings, and these emissions could double by 2050 if we carry on with business-as-usual,” De Guzman said. 

According to the UNFCCC, NAMAs refer to any action that reduces emissions in developing countries and is prepared under the umbrella of a national governmental initiative. They can be policies directed at transformational change within an economic sector, or actions across sectors for a broader national focus.

NAMAs are supported and enabled by technology, financing, and capacity-building and are aimed at achieving a reduction in emissions relative to ‘business as usual’ emissions in 2020.

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