Biodiversity-Based Products as Economic Source for Nature Conservation and Livelihood Development (BBP)
The project aims to: improve biodiversity conservation contribute to poverty reduction through economic valuation and...
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Biodiversity and Adaptation of Key Forest Ecosystems to Climate Change II Program
The project aims to: support the stakeholders of the Mongolian forestry sector to adopt proven...
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Sustainable Agriculture (NAREN)
The project aims to: increase agricultural productivity by contributing technical expertise and concepts to improve...
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Sector Project Agricultural Trade and Value Chains
To contribute to agricultural and rural development in our partner countries through the promotion of...
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Global Climate Change Alliance in Timor Leste
The programme aims to: improve capacity of populations living in the selected postos administrativos vulnerable...
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Forests and Climate Change Programme (FORCLIME)
The programme aims to: provide policy advice to gear forest sector strategies and medium term...
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