An interview with Koko Warner from UNFCCC in the podcast “Vom Feld ins Regal” (“From field to shelf”) about future perspectives of a sustainable agricultural supply chains.

16 June 2020

The podcast is a tool used by our multi-stakeholder platform Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains. Every second week our podcast team interviews an expert who is related to agriculture in the global south, sustainable supply chains or the trade and sales of products made of the named crops in Germany and the EU. INA is an association of players from within the private sector, civil society, and politics. INA sees itself as an open platform and experimental field. Within the framework of INA, around 70 actors have found fertile ground for coming together to be active with like-minded people.

Have you ever wondered what role digitization plays in global supply chains? What does your cup of coffee have to do with Blockchain? Or are you dealing with gender inequality in the cocoa harvest? Do you know what impact populism has on sustainable development? This and other varied questions of development cooperation are the subject of the first German-language podcast.

This and other varied questions of development cooperation are the subject of the first German-language podcast for sustainable agricultural supply chains.

With experts, we talk about strategies and backgrounds, highlight different perspectives of development cooperation and provide practical insights into projects around the world.

EP. 1 – Opportunities and challenges of digitization for rural development (DE only)
EP. 2 – Digitalization in agriculture (DE only)
EP. 3 – Blockchain technology (DE only)
EP. 4 – Responsibility of actors along global supply chains (DE only)
EP. 5 – A talk with Fairtrade Germany (DE only)
Special – Cocoa Forests & Peace Initiative with Wendy Arenas
EP. 6 – Living Income
EP. 7 – Populism and Sustainability
Special 2 – Perspective on Sustainable Development with Koko Warner (UNFCCC)
EP. 8 – Supply Chain Act (DE only)
EP. 9 – Climate, Cocoa, Cooperation – Visiting the Federal Development Ministry (DE only)

Contact Person
Bjoern Willms – Communication Consultant
Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains and Standards Programme