All thing TUEWAS is now under your fingertips with the launch of the new website!

When it comes down to providing seamless support for members of the network stationed across the region, the Sector Network Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia (TUEWAS) Secretariat is constantly on the look-out for room for improvement.

In our latest effort, the first exclusive TUEWAS online platform has been launched — 1 June 2017 marking an important step towards greater digitalisation and outreach within and beyond the TUEWAS community

Besides easy on the eyes, the new site is enriched with content featuring all member projects/programmes and Working Groups, key components constituting this network of Asia-based professionals from GIZ in the field of transport, environment, energy and water.

As part of our long-term efforts to strengthen the existing network and knowledge sharing, the website is envisioned to serve as a cooperation platform and an information hub for all things related to TUEWAS and eventually lead to meaningful collaboration.

Among the many features, a so-called ‘library’ has been merged where searching for publications is made possible with just a click and a few ticks. We sincerely believe that if we are to benefit from knowledge, we first need to have an instrument that makes visible all that are available.

Without further ado, let’s now log on to to find out more. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please email us at

The Sector Network Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia (TUEWAS) is GIZ internal platform for learning, sharing sector-specific knowledge and networking of likeminded professionals in the field of transport, environment, energy and water in Asia and financed through projects and programmes which GIZ is conducting on behalf of the German Government. 

By Anusara Tanpitak, Public Relations Officer, TUEWAS

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